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Bristow Firestone Station Restoration

Although the Bristow Firestone Station was constructed in the midst of hard times – the Great Depression began just three months after...

OK 2010
Kansas Route 66 Inventory Survey

The Kansas State Historical Society received grant funds to conduct a comprehensive inventory survey of historic properties associated with...

KS 2001 View 
Rock Cafe Rehabilitation

The Rock Cafe was aptly named when it was built in 1939 from rock quarried during the construction of Route...

OK 2001 View 
El Vado Motel Neon Sign Restoration

Built in 1937 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the El Vado Motel (“The Ford” in Spanish) was named for its location near an old ford...

NM 2012 View 
Historic L Motel Rehabilitation

The historic L Motel in Flagstaff, Arizona, opened its doors in 1949 to the increasing number of Americans traveling Route 66. The property was...

AZ 2012
Palms Grill Restoration

If you could see it in 2005—its brick facade crumbling; pigeons flying out; rain falling in—you wouldn’t believe it is the...

IL 2004
Del’s Restaurant Restoration

One of the defining elements of many Route 66 properties, whether motels, restaurants, or retail outlets, is neon.  A fine example of a...

NM 2004
Wagon Wheel Motel Rehabilitation

Among the many things that make the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri, a special place are its use of local stone as it primary building...

MO 2010
Arcadia Round Barn Restoration

The Odor-Robison Round Barn, while bearing the distinction of being one of the oldest historic properties along Route 66, is also certainly one...

OK 2005
Boots Court Roof Restoration

In 1939, Arthur Boots built the Boots Court in Carthage, Missouri at the strategic intersection of U.S. Highways 66 and 71. He designed the...

MO 2012
Rialto Theatre Rehabilitation

The Arizona State Historic Preservation Office in partnership with the City of Winslow, Arizona, received cost-share funds to prepare a...

AZ 2001 View 
Skylark Motel Neon Tower Rehabilitation

In 1936, an entrepreneurial family opened “Johnson’s Mo-Tel Cabins” in downtown St. Clair, Missouri. When Route 66 was...

MO 2014 View 
Flagstaff Route 66 Rest Area Interpretive Project

In 2006, the City of Flagstaff, Arizona worked with the Arizona Department of Transportation to save a 770-foot long stretch of historic Route...

AZ 2012 View 
Sprague Super Service

The brainchild of William W. Sprague, the two-story, Tudor Revival style Sprague Super Service on Route 66 in Normal, Illinois, was a...

IL 2007
Crestwood Bowl Neon Restoration Project

The American bowling boom began in the 1940s, promoted by the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II as a recreation outlet for servicemen....

MO 2011 View 
Circle Cinema Theatre Façade Restoration

The Circle Cinema was built in 1928 on land east of Tulsa, Oklahoma that would soon after become Tulsa’s first suburban development. The...

OK 2012 View 
Route 66 Motel Sign and Roof Rehabilitation

The Route 66 Motel has been a welcoming stop on Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona for more than 50 years. Its towering red and yellow neon sign...

AZ 2011 View 
Ariston Cafe Rehabilitation

For sheer durability and longevity, there are few businesses along old Route 66 that can match the Ariston Cafe in Litchfield, Illinois. Owned...

IL 2007
Del Rhea Chicken Basket Rehabilitation

The Chicken Basket began in the 1930s as a lunch counter attached to a service station in then- rural Hinsdale, Illinois. This mix and match of...

IL 2011
Luna Cafe Neon Sign Restoration

The Luna Cafe in Mitchell, Illinois was built in 1926, the same year Route 66 was commissioned as a highway. With over 85 years of continuous...

IL 2011 View 
Meramec River Bridge Historic Structures Report

Constructed in 1931-1932, the Meramec River Bridge is a 1,009’-long, three-span, steel deck truss and girder structure located near...

MO 2011 View 
Sunset Motel Neon Sign and Motel Restoration

The Sunset Motel in Villa Ridge, Mo., is a wonderful example of a vanishing breed. Motels such as this one, located some 40 miles west of St....

MO 2009
Historic Seligman Sundries Roof

With its distinct false-front, shading porch and an array of sweets and cool drinks, Seligman Sundries has been attracting travelers to its...

AZ 2010 View 
Relighting of Historic Signs of Figueroa Street

On North Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, California, the spirit of Route 66 lives on in some determined neighborhood activists who wanted to...

CA 2010 View 
Cities Service Station No.8

This grant project brought new life to Cities Service Station No. 8, located on old Route 66 at 1648 Southwest Blvd. in Tulsa,...

OK 2009 View 
Colors of the West

Colors of the West, a curio shop in Williams, Arizona, is housed in a building with a long and complex history. Originally intended to be...

AZ 2009 View 
Mill Restaurant Rehabilitation

The Mill Restaurant in Lincoln, Illinois, is a prime example of early American roadside architecture, and is one of the few buildings from the...

IL 2008
Valentine Diner Rehabilitation

The Valentine Diner in Winslow, Arizona is an excellent example of the pre-fabricated diners produced by Valentine Manufacturing after World...

AZ 2008 View 
Baxter Springs Independent Oil & Gas Station

Baxter Springs is one of the towns along the short but important stretch of Route 66 that passes through Kansas. Less than 13 miles of the...

KS 2006 View 
Blue Swallow Motel

On the National Register of Historic Places since 1993, the Blue Swallow Motel is adorned with remarkable neon – namely, blue...

NM 2007 View 
Brush Creek Bridge

Not far from Baxter Springs along old Route 66 is a bridge of unusual elegance and architectural pedigree.  Built in 1923, the Brush Creek...

KS 2005 View 
Carr Service Station

Built between 1931 and 1933, the Carr Service Station was first constructed in the style of a Phillips 66 Brick Service Station design...

MO 2002 View 
Aztec Hotel Rehabilitation

When it opened in 1925, the Aztec Hotel was not only the most ornate hotel in the city of Monrovia, it was also the first architectural attempt...

CA 2001 View 
Odell Standard Oil Gas Station Restoration

In 1868, John D. Rockefeller formed the Standard Oil Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This was the beginning of the Standard Oil Trust...

IL 2001 View 
Missouri Route 66 Inventory Survey

The Missouri State Historic Preservation Program received funds to complete an inventory survey of extant historic properties associated with...

MO 2001 View 
New Mexico Route 66 Inventory Survey

The New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division received grant funds to update and complete an inventory survey of existing properties...

NM 2001 View 
New Mexico Neon Sign Restoration

The New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division in cooperation with the New Mexico Route 66 Association received cost-share funds to...

NM 2001 View 
New Mexico Model Historic Sign Ordinance

The New Mexico Preservation Heritage Alliance, out of concern for the condition and preservation of signs along the Route 66 corridor in the...

NM 2001 View 
Nob Hill Business District Preservation Brochure

The Nob Hill Highland Renaissance Corporation received grant funds to produce color brochures to describe for the general public the historical...

NM 2001 View 
Oklahoma Rt.66 Inventory Survey & Roadbed Document

The Oklahoma Historical Society received grant funds to update and expand an inventory survey of extant historic properties associated with...

OK 2001 View 
Texas Route 66 Inventory Survey

The Friends of the Texas Historical Commission received grant funds to conduct a comprehensive inventory survey of historic properties and road...

TX 2001 View 
Frontier Motel & Restaurant Neon Sign Restoration

The Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona in partnership with the Frontier Motel and Restaurant in Truxton, Arizona, was awarded cost-share...

AZ 2002 View 
Ambler's Texaco Station Restoration

The Village of Dwight has been awarded cost-share funds to restore the historic Ambler’s Texaco Station located in Dwight, Illinois. The...

IL 2002 View 
Litchfield-to-Mt.Olive Bike Trail

A study by the State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources examined alternatives for rehabilitating a National Register-listed segment of...

IL 2002 View 
Route 66 Teachers Seminar

The Illinois State Historical Society was awarded cost-share funds to support a day-long Route 66 teachers’ seminar in Springfield,...

IL 2002 View 
Eagle Hotel Rehabilitation

The Eagle Hotel in Wilmington, Illinois has a long and varied history. Built in stages between 1837 and 1843, the hotel’s history...

IL 2002
Greater Springfield Route 66 Oral History Project

Route 66 is a highway that tells many diverse stories of America in the first half of the 20th century. The Missouri State University Libraries...

MO 2014 View 
Neon Restoration Project

The New Mexico Route 66 Association assited with the restoration of the Cactus Motel neon sign in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Neon served many...

NM 2002 View 
Vic Suhling Neon Sign Restoration

Once the site of the Ariston Cafe from 1930 to 1934, Vic Suhling purchased the site in 1957 to build the “Vic” Suhling Gas for Less...

IL 2013 View 
Chandler's Phillips 66 Filling Station Restoration

The owner of the 1930s Phillips 66 Gas Station in Chandler, Oklahoma, was awarded cost-share funds to conduct a restoration feasibility and...

OK 2002 View 
Magnolia Station Restoration

The City of Vega, Texas, was awarded cost-share funds to restore the 1920s Magnolia Gas Station in Vega. The restoration project included...

TX 2002 View 
Wigwam Motel Preservation/Rehabilitation

The owner of the 1950 Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona, was awarded funds for preservation and rehabilitation work on the concrete wigwams,...

AZ 2003
Live Theatre Production and Tour

The Northern Arizona University Department of Theatre was awarded funds to help promote and support the touring dramatic production, "Route 66:...

AZ 2003 View 
Pig-Hip Restaurant

The Illinois Route 66 Association was awarded funds to replace the roof and repair the furnace of the Pig-Hip Restaurant in Broadwell,...

IL 2003 View 
Metropolitan Park Bathhouse

The City of Tucumcari, New Mexico was awarded cost-share funds for stabilization work on the Metropolitan Park bathhouse. Built in 1940 by the...

NM 2003 View 
El Rancho Hotel Roof Repair

The owner of the El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, New Mexico, received funds to repair and seal the motel’s original wood shake roof. Opened in...

NM 2003 View 
Pecos Theatre Preservation Plan

The New Mexico Route 66 Association administered the production of a preservation plan for the historic Pecos Theatre in Santa Rosa, New...

NM 2001 View 
Amboy Historic Structures Report

Historic preservation efforts all along Route 66 have focused on many kinds of properties: service stations, motels, mercantile stores, and...

CA 2007 View 
Preliminary Survey of California Route 66

The Center for Preservation Education and Planning in Los Angeles, California, received funding for preliminary research on Route 66 historic...

CA 2004 View 
Soulsby Station Restoration

The Soulsby Station in Mount Olive, Illinois, is a treasure and iconic stopping place along the Mother Road. Built by the Soulsby family in...

IL 2004 View 
Red Cedar Inn Rehabilitation

The Red Cedar Inn in Pacific, Missouri, was awarded funds toward the rehabilitation of the kitchen area to allow for current code requirements...

MO 2004 View 
Lexington Hotel Rehabilitation

The owners of the Lexington Hotel in Gallup, New Mexico were awarded cost-share grant funds for the rehabilitation of the hotel’s store...

NM 2004 View 
Route 66 Oral History Project

The New Mexico Route 66 Association in partnership with the University of New Mexico Department of English administered a comprehensive...

NM 2002
Meadow Gold Neon Sign

Neon signs are among the most evocative of Route 66 icons, but for decades now many of them have been threatened by neglect or demolition. One...

OK 2003 View 
Roger Miller Museum Window and Door Restoration

The Roger Miller Museum received a grant to restore the windows and doors of the Roger Miller Museum building, located on Route 66 in Erick,...

OK 2003 View 
Oasis Drive-In Rehabilitation

Preservation El Reno, Inc., received grant funds to rehabilitate the metal palm tree sign and the extant building exterior of the Oasis...

OK 2003 View 
Old Trails Garage Roof Replacement

Grant funding was awarded for the repair/replacement of the roof of the 1915 Old Trails Garage in Kingman, Arizona. The roof replacement is...

AZ 2004 View 
Santo Domingo Trading Post

The Santo Domingo Trading Post is a memorable landmark on the 1926-1932 alignment of US 66 in New Mexico. Established in 1922, the trading post...

NM 2007
El Rey Theatre Marquee Restoration

The New Mexico Route 66 Association was awarded cost-share funds to restore the neon  marquee of the El Rey Theatre in Albuquerque, New...

NM 2003 View 
Owl Courts Roof Rehabilitation

The roof over the motel portion of the Owl Courts in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, were repaired/replaced with cost-share grant assistance. The Owl...

OK 2004 View 
Oklahoma Route 66 Roadbed Preservation Project

Paul Daniel Marriott & Associates administered a pilot project to develop standards, practices, and protocols for preserving historic...

OK 2004 View 
Sixth Street Chevron Station Restoration

The owner of a 1939 Chevron gas station received funds toward the restoration of the station located on Sixth Street in Amarillo, Texas. Work...

TX 2004 View 
DeCamp Junction Roof Rehabilitation

From the farm fields of southern Illinois, a road house known as Duda’s Place emerged in 1931 to take advantage of the increasing traffic...

IL 2013 View 
Curt Teich Postcard Collection Archive

Some of the glory of old Route 66 can still be gleaned from the thousands of memories stored at the Curt Teich Postcard Archives. The Archives,...

IL 2007 View 
Williams' Store Restoration Project

The Williams' Store in Riverton, Kansas, was built in March 1925 and sold everything from gasoline, to groceries, to general merchandise....

KS 2005 View 
Hill Top Motel Heating & Ventilation Rehabilitation

The land for the Hill Top Motel in Kingman, Arizona was purchased in October of 1953, with construction starting a few months later. The Hill...

AZ 2013 View 
Galena Viaduct Restoration

Two unusually handsome bridges grace Route 66 as it cuts briefly through the southeastern corner of Kansas. One is the Brush Creek Bridge,...

KS 2008 View 
Devil's Elbow Bridge Emergency Stabilization

The Devil’s Elbow Bridge was built in 1923. Constructed with the use of hot rivets, the bridge is comprised of two Parker through-trusses...

MO 2008 View 
Whiting Bros. #72 Sign Restoration

Whiting Brothers was established in 1926 as a chain of gasoline stations. At its peak, it operated more than a hundred stations, including at...

NM 2014 View 
Milan Trading Post Electrical System Rehab.

The Milan Motel and Trading Post has a rich history on Route 66. The motel complex was built in 1947 by the Milan family, for which the town...

NM 2013 View 
Vickery Phillips 66 Station

Located in Tulsa, this property is an example of “house” style gas station architecture. This property also possesses a rare...

OK 2006 View 
Donut Drive-In Sign Restoration

The Donut Drive-In was constructed in 1952 on the classic corner known as “the wedge” on Route 66 at Chippewa Street and Watson...

MO 2008
Joe and Aggie's Cafe

A “mom and pop” cafe, Joe and Aggie’s has been serving tasty enchiladas on Route 66 in Holbrook, Arizona since 1943. Owned...

AZ 2006 View 
American Indians and Route 66

Route 66 is well known for its connection to American Indian cultures, yet most of the promotion of those cultures came historically from non...

NM 2014 View 
Rock Creek Parker Truss Bridge Restoration

Parker Through Truss Bridge No. 18 at Rock Creek near Sapulpa, Oklahoma was built in 1924. Running parallel to the San Francisco railway...

OK 2014 View 
Munger Moss Motel Sign Restoration

Its bright yellow directional arrow and multi-colored neon letters have attracted overnighters to the Munger Moss since the mid-1950s. But with...

MO 2010 View 
Park Hills Motel Roof Rehabilitation

The Park Hills Motel was built in 1955 in Vinita, Oklahoma, and has remained in service since that time. The one-story, neo-classical style...

OK 2008 View 
Cafe on the Route Preservation Plan

The DouthitBuilding was originally constructed in 1870 in Baxter Springs, Kansas as the Cherokee Bank Building. Its diner history on US 66...

KS 2008 View 
Casa de Adobe Historic Structures Report

The Autry National Center oversaw the completion of a Historic Structures Report for the historic Casa de Adobe, located on the...

CA 2005 View 
Nob Hill and Premiere Motel Neon Sign Restoration

The Nob Hill and Premiere Motel neon signs located on Central Avenue in Albuquerque, New Mexico, have been restored to operating condition. The...

NM 2005 View 
National Guard Armory Rehabilitation

Built in 1948, Sapulpa's historic National Guard Armory was home to Company H of the 279th Infantry. Sapulpa citizens remember...

OK 2015 View 
Women on the Mother Road: Route 66 Interactive Website and Oral History Project

As America's highway, Route 66 was a mirror reflection of the social, economic, and political climate of its time. The road can tell...

CA 2015 View 
Lake Shore Motel Structural Rehabilitation

The historic Lake Shore Motel (d.b.a. Best Budget Inn) was built in the 1950s according to the prevailing plans for Best Western motels....

MO 2015 View 
Route 66 Bridge Assessment and Prioritization Project

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, there is a need for over $123 billion dollars in...

TX 2017 View 
Historic Navajo County Courthouse Roof Preservation Plan

The Navajo County courthouse in Holbrook was built in 1898, when Arizona was still a territory of the United States. It is one of only...

AZ 2016 View 
Tropics Neon Sign Restoration Project

The Tropics restaurant was opened in 1950 by Vince Schwenoha in Lincoln, Illinois. Vince served in Hawaii during his WWII tour of duty, which...

IL 2017 View 
Western Host Motel Door Rehabilitation Project

The historic Western Host Motel in Grants, New Mexico, was built in the late 1950s, and is an excellent example of a motor inn. Motor inns...

NM 2016 View 
Rialto Square Theatre Marquee Restoration Project

The Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet, Illinois, was built on an original alignment of Route 66 in May of 1926, just six months before the...

IL 2016 View 
Trucking on Route 66 in Missouri Oral History Project

When people think of Route 66, they often think of neon signs, road trips and tourist traps. However, the road was integral to American...

MO 2017 View 
Texas Route 66 Historic Property Online Database

Historic property inventories play a critical role in the preservation of Route 66. The reports, forms, maps, and photographs generated from...

TX 2017 View 
The Women on the Mother Road: Documentary Film

The Women On The Mother Road: Documentary Film will explore the vibrant and culturally significant Route 66 corridor from Chicago to Santa...

CA 2017 View 
Online Educational Guide to Route 66 in California

Historically, Route 66 travelers coming from the east were often wayfarers seeking a fresh start in a new land. For many, California was that...

CA 2017 View 
Wilder’s Neon Sign Restoration Project

In 1936, Verne Wilder opened “Wilder’s Buffet” on Main Street in Joplin, Missouri. The restaurant quickly became a thriving...

MO 2017 View