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Spring 2008 Meeting Preservation Technology and Training Board National Park Service Draft Agenda NCPTT Headquarters Lee H. Nelson Hall Natchitoches, LA

Monday, April 14, 2008

PTT Board arrives in Natchitoches
3:00 PM Orientation for new Board members
6:30 PM DINNER – optional dutch treat dinner at The Tin House

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 – Conference Room, NCPTT

BREAKFAST – on your own
9:00 AM Call to Order, Welcome, Introduction of Guests, Opening Remarks, Certification of Meeting, Agenda, Logistics, Approval of Minutes

Judy Bense, Chair Jon Smith, Former Designated Federal Official (DFO) Introduction of Robert Sutton, new DFO Kirk Cordell, Executive Director

9:15 AM NPS National Report: Cultural Programs Status, Budget Outlook, Policy Trends

Mr. Sutton

9:45 AM State of the National Center

Mr. Cordell

10:15 AM FY2007 Budget Update

Kevin Ammons, Administrative Officer

10:30 AM BREAK – catered
10:45 AM Partners Report

Steve Horton, VP & Dean, Northwestern State University Laura Gates, Superintendent, Cane River Creole NHP Nancy Morgan, Former Exec Director, Cane River NHA New Executive Director, Cane River NHA

11:15 AM PTT Grants: FY08 Application Process & Awards

Mary F. Striegel, Chief, Materials Research David Morgan, Chief, Archeology & Collections Andy Ferrell, Chief, Architecture & Engineering

11:45 AM Heritage Education

Board Discussion with Christine Faith

12:15 PM LUNCH – catered on the 2nd floor of Nelson Hall
1:15 PM Historic Landscapes

Board Discussion with Debbie Smith

1:45 PM Materials Research

Board Discussion with Mary Striegel

2:15 PM Archeology and Collections

Board Discussion with David Morgan

2:45 PM Architecture and Engineering

Board Discussion with Andy Ferrell

3:15 PM Strategic Plan

Mr. Ferrell Dr. Morgan Mrs. Smith Dr. Striegel

3:45 PM BREAK – catered
4:00 PM Preserve America: Building a Preservation Clearinghouse

Mr. Cordell Jeffrey Guin

4:45 PM Wrap-up of Day and Resolutions
5:00 PM Adjourn for day
5:15 PM PTT Board Lecture – 2nd floor Nelson Hall

Jonathan Spodek, Assistant Professor, Ball State University

6:15 PM End of Lecture; free time until dinner

NSU President’s House, hosted by Dr. & Mrs. Randy Webb

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 – Conference Room, NCPTT

BREAKFAST – on your own
9:00 AM The Pocantico Conference on Preservation and Sustainability

Robert Silman, Chairman Emeritus (via conference phone)

  1. Who from the Board and Staff are going?
  2. Our cooperative effort with NTHP.
  3. The list of invited guests.
  4. Will there be a facilitator?
  5. Will there be a keynote speaker?
  6. Who will work with me on getting the program together? This will require assigning homework to the participants as well as organizing the agenda.
  7. Defining our goals and those of NTHP.
  8. Deciding upon what the “deliverables” will be and how they will be disseminated to the world.
10:30 AM BREAK – catered
10:45 AM Board Comment: Research Program

Dr. Bense Mr. Cordell

11:15 AM Board Comment: Training Program

Dr. Bense Mr. Cordell

11:45 AM Wrap-up and Resolutions
12:00 PM Adjourn; End of Official Board Business
LUNCH – on your own
Please sign your travel vouchers before you leave so we can reimburse you more quickly!

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