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Workshop instructor Adam Mena talks a participant through the removal of a failed rivet.

Preservation of Historic Iron and Steel in Bridges and Other Metal Structures
March 8-10, 2010, Lansing, Michigan
Historic wrought iron and steel truss bridges that were fabricated between 1850 and 1950 are rapidly being replaced today with new concrete or steel bridges, primarily due to lack of knowledge in the restoration of historic metals. Lansing Community College in Lansing, Michigan, presented a three-day workshop on March 8-10 to introduce restoration processes of historic metals using electric arc welding, heat straightening, and hot riveting processes. This workshop was funded in part through the PTT Grants program.

Addressing Landscape Maintenance in Cemeteries
April 8, 2010
Landscape maintenance is a critical element in historic cemetery preservation. Yet, often the landscape is neglected or improperly maintained, resulting in damaged historic features and a loss of historic landscape character. On April 8, NCPTT will present a one-hour webinar addressing landscape maintenance in historic cemeteries. The course will provide an overview of landscape maintenance issues and their impact on cemetery historic resources. Topics will include landscape documentation, replacing key features, removing invasive plants, mowing and trimming, tree care, and addressing conflicts between historic vegetation and built features.

Green Preservation: A LEED Technical Review and Exam Preparation
April 21-23, 2010, Santa Fe, New Mexico
LEED has become an industry standard for demonstrating the sustainability of new construction and rehabilitation projects. While LEED is not the only rating system for buildings at this time it is the most widely used in the United States. NCPTT is offering the LEED preparation workshop to promote the joint consideration of sustainability and historic preservation in planning the built environment. The three-day course will prepare participants to take the LEED Green Associate Exam. The workshop is held in partnership with the Cultural Resources Management Program for the NPS Intermountain Regional Office.

Eddy Current Analysis of Cultural Heritage
May 11, 2010, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The use of “eddy currents”—induced currents in metals produced by a coil—has been a valuable tool in the study of defects in metals for over 50 years. NCPTT has focused its research efforts on developing an affordable, low cost eddy current analyzer to study metal cultural objects. The workshop will focus on the use of eddy currents for identification of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), measuring the thickness of corrosion, and the recovery of serial numbers and/or images beneath corrosion. Attendees will learn the theory of eddy current analysis. NCPTT, in partnership with the American Institute for Conservation of Artistic and Historic Works (AIC), will hold a half-day workshop in conjunction with the 38th Annual meeting of the AIC in Milwaukee, Wis.

Cemetery Monument Basics
June 4, 2010, Indianapolis, Indiana
This half-day workshop is being hosted by the Crowne Hill Cemetery and presented by NCPTT staff. The workshop is limited to 40 participants and will cover lectures on cemetery documentation, condition assessments, and cleaning techniques. This will be followed by hands-on cleaning demonstrations in the cemetery.

Masonry Conservation and Lime Mortar
Aug. 2-6, 2010, Nantucket, Massachusetts
In partnership with the University of Florida Preservation Institute: Nantucket, NCPTT will offer a one-week workshop on masonry conservation and traditional lime mortars. Participants will work with skilled and experienced masons to undertake the repair of an early-nineteenth-century structure associated with Nantucket’s famed whaling industry. The hands-on workshop will include assessment of existing conditions, site preparation, removal of inappropriate mortar, cleaning of joints, filling joints neatly, and final dressing of joints.

Preservation of Wood in Historic Structures
Summer 2010, Spring Green, Wisconsin
Working with APT and Taliesin Preservation Inc., NCPTT is supporting development of a workshop on the preservation of wood in historic structures that will be held at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin near Spring Green, Wis. Participants will gain a better understanding of how the various professions can interact from conception through completion to have a successful preservation project that has wood as a central component.

Energy Audit Tools for Historic Buildings
October 2010, Denver, Colorado
NCPTT is partnering with the Association for Preservation Technology to offer a workshop on innovative tools for energy audits of historic buildings at APT’s annual conference in Denver, Colo., Oct. 6-9, 2010.

Nondestructive Workshop
Summer 2010, California
NCPTT will host a Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Workshop in California in late summer 2010. Based on past NDE workshops, this workshop will provide guidance in the evaluation and rehabilitation of historic structures.

Managing Historic Trees
Fall 2010, location TBD
Historic trees are a significant part of the landscape, because of their aesthetic, cultural, and ecological value. An understanding of traditional tree care practices and preservation basics is necessary to effectively manage these trees. The workshop will include both lecture and field sessions. Topics will include tree assessment (biological/structural), inventory and replacement, new technologies, preservation techniques, etc.

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