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NCPTT’s Architecture & Engineering program encourages research and partnerships with organizations and institutions working to advance preservation technology for buildings and other structures.


US/ICOMOS Cooperative Agreement: Internship and Preservation Technology Research

Satish Pandey

Satish Pandey

Satish Pandey conducting research in an NCPTT laboratory.
(Photo Credit: Stace Miller)

NCPTT began working through this CA in cooperation with the United States Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (US/ICOMOS) to enhance that organization’s International Exchange Program in historic preservation which provides international advanced training and hands-on experiences for young professionals. The first ICOMOS intern at NCPTT funded through this cooperative agreement was Satish Pandey who worked in the Materials Research Program.

US/ICOMOS and NCPTT will also develop and implement an annual awards program that will serve as an incentive for graduate students to adopt thesis topics related to major needs in the field of historic preservation technology. A&E and US/ICOMOS have had initial discussions as to how best to accomplish this goal.

APT Cooperative Agreement: Preservation Technology Research Cooperative Agreement

Through this CA that was recently finalized, NCPTT will work with APT to develop and disseminate an enhanced preservation technology training program that forwards the missions of both organizations. The first planned activity is to develop a Nondestructive Evaluation Workshop that will be offered twice in 2008. Based on an NDE workshop that APT previously offered, the workshop will be reworked and offered at other venues. It is envisioned that this will be an effective model for developing and offering preservation technology training to a wider audience than typically attends APT or NCPTT workshops. The agreement also makes it possible to formalize the Center’s report of APT’s annual conference.

Geospatial Video Browser

Geospatial Video Browser

Slide from presentation at National Trust for Historic Preservation annual meeting.
(Photo Credit: Barrett Kennedy)

US/DOCOMOMO Cooperative Agreement

NCPTT is working on a cooperative agreement with the United States committee of the International Working Party for the Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neighborhoods of the Modern Movement (DOCOMOMO International). The cooperative agreement will provide a framework for cooperation in the development of research and training related to the preservation needs of modern era resources.

LSU Cooperative Agreement: Innovative Documentation Strategies

NCPTT recently entered into a CA with the Louisiana State University School of Architecture to develop and test a methodology to use geospatial digital video documentation technology to efficiently survey historic buildings and landscapes pre- and post- disaster. Developing such technology will enable planners and others to better assess risk to historic resources, plan effective mitigation strategies and improve disaster response.

Sustainable Preservation

Andy Ferrell recently participated in the Sustainable Preservation Research Retreat held by The National Trust for Historic Preservation. The retreat brought together experts representing a number of organizations to discuss the Trust’s role in bringing attention to the essential role of historic and other existing buildings in helping conserve energy and other natural resources. Participants discussed the benefits of reusing existing buildings, and specifically how preservation promotes environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable development. The aim was to develop a joint research and advocacy strategy for integrating the practices and principles of preservation into the green building movement. The organizations currently involved are the American Institute of Architects, the Association for Preservation Technology International, the National Park Service, the General Services Administration, and the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers.

Trades Training

While NCPTT has been involved with training programs with preservation trades components, the Center is now actively working with partners to determine NCPTT’s role in facilitating trades training. Andy Ferrell is currently working with the New Jersey Institute of Technology to develop a two-week course for administrators and teachers interested in incorporating the preservation high school curriculum developed for the Brooklyn High School for the Preservation Arts. Kirk Cordell has met with trades trainers from Australia and across the United States and discussed the issue with the National Council for Preservation Education. Sarah Jackson has spoken with several organizations involved with trades training during her recent trips. Chris Faith has initiated a cooperative agreement with the Michigan Heritage Preservation Network to hold a preservation trades curriculum summit that could become a national model for integrating such training at the high school level and beyond. There is much interest in this topic and NCPTT will continue to work with partners to address the need for developing resources to improve opportunities for preservation trades training.

Front Street

Front Street

NCPTT staff marks Front Street for photo documentation.
(Photo Credit: Jeff Guin)

Front Street Documentation

NCPTT worked with Barrett Kennedy of Louisiana State University School of Architecture to document Front Street using a high resolution digital camera with an integrated geospatial device. The City provided a hi-lift and a mobile traffic barrier. The purpose of the survey was to document the existing brick patterns in the street and to inform the design of the rehabilitation of Front Street. The resulting high resolution images were given to the City and the Engineering firm that is designing the rehabilitation. The documentation was supported by the Cane River National Heritage Area and Cane River Creole National NHP.

Lee H. Nelson Hall Landscape Plan

NCPTT recently completed the landscape installation at Lee Nelson Hall. After working with Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects & Site Planners in Alexandria, La., Yankee Clipper was selected to implement the landscape design. The landscape installation was completed in October. Kirk Cordell, Kevin Ammons and Andy Ferrell worked closely with the contractors to facilitate implementation.

Belinda Diehl

Belinda Diehl

Belinda Diehl conducts an architectural survey.
(Photo Credit: Sarah Jackson)

Natchitoches Architectural Survey/Graduate Assistantship

Belinda Diehl has been conducting the Natchitoches Architectural Survey. She began working on the survey in June and, to date, she has completed surveys of structures on six roads in the Natchitoches area. The survey is a GIS-GPS based survey using ArcGIS software and Trimble GPS units to collect data. In June, she participated in the GIS/GPS/Prospection in Depth Workshop held at NCPTT. She presented her work on the Architectural Survey at NCPTT’s annual Preservation in your Community event in August, where she conducted a slideshow presentation and also had a poster presentation.

She is currently working on revising the Natchitoches Architectural Survey Guide. The guide is a comprehensive guide to conducting a survey and serves as a “how-to” guide to surveying in Natchitoches. She is also creating architectural style checklists for the common architectural styles found in Louisiana. These checklists will aid surveyors in quickly identifying the architectural style of a building and will be included in the architectural guide. Belinda has also assisted on site visits to Melrose Plantation in Melrose, La., First Presbyterian Church in Shreveport, La., and The Village of Grand Cane, Louisiana.




Preservation trades students limewash Share Barn at Casey Farms.
(Photo Credit: Lisa Sasser)


Sarah Jackson has responded to several inquires regarding NCPTT’s Study on the Durability of Traditional and Modified Limewash and its application on historic buildings. Inquires were received from persons associated with National Capital Region, Monticello, and Tybee Lighthouse. Several people have been referred to our office by organizations such as Preservation Trades Network and one of our sister offices, the Historic Preservation Training Center.

Front Street Accessibility

Andy Ferrell and Debbie Smith, Chief of Historic Landscapes, attended a meeting of the Mayor’s Front Street Taskforce to discuss crosswalks and ADA compliant ramps.

Melrose Plantation

Melrose Plantation

Eddie Cazayoux installs a monitoring device at Melrose Plantation
(Photo Credit: Andy Ferrell)

Melrose Plantation

NCPTT worked with Eddie Cazayoux to install data recorders at Yucca and African Houses at Melrose plantation in June 2007. Recorder installation was first proposed during NCPTT’s summer institute. The recorders will provide information about temperature, humidity, and building movement. The Association for the Preservation of Historic Natchitoches asked NCPTT to investigate the deterioration of the masonry chimneys at Melrose Plantation. NCPTT staff documented the deterioration and offered advice on how to address the masonry issues. Belinda Diehl, Sarah Jackson and Andy Ferrell also inspected the wood shake roof on Africa House.

First Presbyterian Church

NCPTT continued to collect images and information for the development of a masonry deterioration and preservation web module for NCPTT’s website. Belinda Diehl, Sarah Jackson and Andy Ferrell visited First United Presbyterian Church in Shreveport, La., and toured the facilities to document masonry deterioration and to offer advice on how to repair existing problems and prevent future problems.


Andy Ferrell

Andy Ferrell

Andy Ferrell inspects roof structure for water infiltration.
(Photo Credit: Sarah Jackson)

International Preservation Trades Workshops

Sarah Jackson was asked to be a demonstrator at Preservation Trade Network’s regional and annual workshops in 2007. Her presentation was titled Limewash: the Other White “Paint” and discussed NCPTT’s Study on the Durability of Traditional and Modified Limewash and held a hands-on demonstration.

AIA Louisiana Design Conference

Sarah Jackson presented Limewash: A Traditional Finish with Modern Applications on September 13, 2007 in Lafayette, LA at the AIA Louisiana design conference RR Crossing: Rebuilding Responsibly.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Andy Ferrell presented the results and aspirations of the LSU Cooperative Agreement: Innovative Documentation Strategies along with Deidre McCarthy at annual conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference

Sarah Jackson presented Preparation and Application of Limewash on October 20, 2007. She reviewed NCPTT’s study, history, use, and application of limewash. After the presentation a hands-on demonstration was held comparing different types of lime, recipes, materials, and applications. Kirk Cordell made a presentation of NCPTT’s work at the roundtable of the Historic Resources Committee of the American Institute of Architects during the conference.


Sarah Jackson, Tye Botting and Mary Striegel’s article “Durability of Traditional and Modified Limewashes” was published in APT Bulletin Vol. XXXVII, No. 2-3. On October 18 the authors were informed that the article had won the Oliver Torrey Fuller Award for Technical Excellence and Innovation. The award will be conferred during the Annual Awards Banquet at the Annual APT Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Tuesday, November 4, 2007.

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